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In the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 we are launching business model for traditional crafts revival through the project Creative Laboratory as the base for creative entrepreneurship of young artists’ development.
Re:crafts Cluster provides support and guidance to the arts and crafts schools to utilize existing skills, knowledge and experience to build specific business development model which will link creativeness and entrepreneurship with the ultimate goal to increase young people’s employment and boast local communities growt​h.​

Creative Laboratory is established to inform you permanently on the project proposals submitted by the art, crafts and design schools; participate, coordinate and implement joint projects financed either by the different business companies, national or local grant schemes or EU funded. By the Lab support schools can prepare and participate in the EU programs – Erasmus+. Creative Europe, Europe for the Citizens.

On the website in front of you are information related to the EDUCATION profiles (curicula) in the arts, crafts and design schools in Serbia and Textile Departments incorporated in other type of schools.

Main users benefit is easy access and communication with the Re: Craft experts. If you click at the titles Ask Designer and Ask manager and type your questions the answers can be promptly delivered.

Ministarstvo prosvete
Progetto “Creative Laboratory” co-finanziato dal Ministero dell’Istruzione della Scienza e dello Sviluppo Tecnologico della Repubblica di Serbia e dal Segretariato per la Gioventù e lo Sport della Città di Belgrado.