Banka Motiva

Project (Banka motiva) is part of the Program “Initiative for social inclusion of elderly persons” financed by the Red Cross of Serbia. Red Cross of Serbia is implementing organization and implement’s this Program in five Western Balkan countries and Red Cross of Austria and Development Agency of Austria are supporting Program implementation. Program is financed out of EU funds. is established in May 2017 as part of the project “Creative Labaratory “ co-financed by the Ministry of education, science and technology development of the Republic of Serbia. This Platform created a network of 15 art, craft and design schools in Serbia and now, project Motives’Bank adds new web content “65+” on Creative Laboratory platform linking young artisans with cultural heritage preserved by elder generation.

Main goal of the Motives’ Bank project is life quality improvements of the persons older than 65 by acquiring new skills on the specifically targeted creative workshops implemented during this project. Participants were women from several Belgrade’s municipalities- Savski venac, Vozdovac, Zvezdara, Palilula, Rakovica and Barajevo.

During the project implementation 12 workshops have been held and four textile technics were presented (knitting, lace, elting and emroidery. We collected motives from the participants; made detailed professional photos – courtesy of Ivana Cecin, participant in the project; motives had been classified and presented at the exhibition and in the brochure prepared by Marina Kostic and Vesna Rusic.

We are especially proud our new innovative product – patchwork cover – called INCLUSIVE Cover. The cover is result of the skillful and dedicated work of 45 women project participants. Design – sticking of the squares and pompons – is result of joint work of Maina Kostic, textile designer and docent at the Metropolitan University of Belgrade and Vesna Rusic, who is working with wool since the age of 6. This product is merging modern design and traditional technics – it integrated cultural heritage and transfer of knowledge and skills.

This project is an example of good inter-generations cooperation, we showed that joint work can be successfully and pleasant- JOIN US!!!! On the FB pages : Banka Motiva, Kreativna Labaratorija and Re: Crafts cluster. We are expecting your ideas and suggestions !!! Welcome!!!


Projekat je finansiran od strane Evropske Unije